Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Putting up the final show

This week we have been putting up the final show in college. There are two rooms, I'm in the smaller one. This is the second degree show I've set up, and let me just say, getting a number of frames evenly spaced and in a straight line requires a degree in itself.

My colleagues are displaying their work in a variety of ways including mounting prints onto aluminium, sticking prints to wooden boards, and pinning images directly to the wall. I've gone with frames for a couple reasons, my work is relatively small and I didn't want it to get lost on the wall. There are other obvious advantages like frames protect your work from sticky fingers and dust.

I've gone with a contemporary ash frame without mount board, so you can see the deckled edge. My work does not photograph well - so come and see it if you can!

This is Ramon, who is next to me and one along. We have quite a lot of variety in our room and I'm happy to be next to something a bit louder and brighter, I think its going to make for an interesting show!

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